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Looking for an ID scanner to give you bar and club stats? Did you know that ID scanners for bars and clubs have been around for years? Did you know that ID scanners for bars range from free iPhone apps to premium ID scanning systems?

If you are looking for an ID scanner to give you bar and club stats for your venue, then you need to do your homework. Why you ask? Because when you start using an ID scanner at your bar you will start collecting information, information that will be very valuable to you. If you start ID scanning with the wrong ID scanning system, then when you switch to a better system you will lose all of your data and have to start over again from scratch.

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Choosing an ID scanner for your bar

There are many reasons to get an ID scanner for your bar. A premium ID scanning system will provide you with outstanding venue security features, full reporting of bar and club stats, advanced marketing tools, and high quality hardware. I have attached a link to a review site for ID scanners so that you can contrast and compare the systems available on the market.

You will find that some of them offer outstanding value, and that some of them are nothing more than a cheap iPhone app pretending to be an ID scanning system. Please read through the reviews and make your own decision. Remember, you are making an investment in your business, get the best system that you can afford to purchase.

ID scanners for security

Getting an ID scanner for your bar is an important decision. ID scanners can provide you with great security from both underage patrons trying to drink in your establishment, and troublemakers who have been kicked out of clubs for fighting, sexual assault, drugs, stealing, and other bad behavior. Here’s how they work. Just remember, not all ID scanners offer these features, check the reviews and do your homework.

Underage patrons will often use one of three tactics to enter a nightclub. First, they will purchase a fake ID. These can range from terrible to amazing quality. The premium fake IDs will slip past all but the most advanced ID scanners that use visual scanning beds with OCR technology.

Another tactic is ID passing, where an older relative or friend enters the club, then passes their ID back to an underage patron who presents it to enter the club. A good ID scanner will catch this, and alert the door man. Some systems will even capture a live image of the person who scanned in the first time, so you can compare and determine if this is the same person.

The third common tactic is for an older friend or relative to acquire a duplicate ID by claiming that theirs was lost, often a driver’s license. The original is then given to the younger person who presents it for entry. If the older person entered with a different ID, such as a passport, then a really premium ID scanning system will cross match the names and ages on the ID types to alert the door staff that the same person is trying to enter using different ID types, along with a picture for comparison.

Security from troublemakers is another benefit of ID scanners. When you kick someone out of your club, some ID scanners allow you to place a ban on that patron in your ID scanning system, so if they try to enter again your ID scanner will alert you and you can deny them entry. The most advanced ID scanners will extend the ban to all ID scanners in their system, preventing a patron who was kicked out around the corner from entering your venue.

If you want security from your ID scanning system, then be sure to do your research and make sure that the ID scanning system you purchase can provide you with the security you are looking for, using worldwide bans, fake ID detection, cross matching IDs, and ID passing alerts.

ID scanners for bar and club stats

ID scanner have the ability to provide you with very rich bar and club stats by way of advanced reporting. The bar and club stats you get from your reports allows you to make changes to your marketing and your operations to improve revenue and grow your profits.

Good reporting should give you bar and club stats about your clients age, gender distribution, and the average length of each guests stay. You should be able to tell if your patrons are repeat clientele, and how many times they have visited your club before. Your bar and club stats report should tell you where your patrons are coming from by reading the zip codes on their IDs.

When you know where you patrons are coming from, you can easily market to them, driving down the cost of your marketing while driving up the effectiveness. If you know the length of the average guest stay for your patrons, then you can take action to increase this, increasing the revenue and the profit you make from each of the patrons that enter into your club. Your bar and club stats reports should be delivered to your inbox daily and should be discussed with all of your staff.

ID scanners for marketing

The most premium ID scanners on the market can give you some outstanding marketing tools. They include things such as SMS text message blasts, guest list management, VIP support, and promoter tracking. Each of these tasks can be quite lengthy, unless you get on of the ID scanners available that can automate and streamline these processes.

SMS text messages are the single most effective marketing tool available. People always read their text messages, always. If you can collect cell phone numbers from your patrons, then you can create lists and easily send them a text message every weekend, letting them know about performances and specials happening at your club. This is a great way to invite the ladies to return to your club, which will always attract the fellows.

Premium ID scanning systems allow promoters to use SMS text messages to place people on the guest list at your club. Then when these people enter and have their ID scanned, you know they were placed on the guest list, and you can pay your promoters for exactly the number of people they sent to your club.

ID scanner reviews

There are a lot of ID scanners on the market these days. Unfortunately, each one of them claims to be the best, and to offer the most powerful solution. Of course, this is not the case. There are some old players in the market who haven’t kept up with the times and are still running on software from 10 years ago. There are some skimpy iPhone apps that pretend to be big players. And then there are the premium ID scanning players, they cost more but you get way, way more. Take a look at the reviews, do your research, call each one you are interested in and ask for a demonstration. Call their support line and see if they answer. Make sure you buy the best ID scanner for your club, and good luck.


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